About Us

Founded in 2012, Great Value Distributors is an authorized distributor, stockist, and wholesaler in the B2B market with premium exclusive brands from all over the world. We are dedicated to providing each customer with the highest standard of service. Our talented team is highly skilled and experienced in this business and committed to putting that at work for you.

We are the most reliable source for premium brands in arts, crafts, home decors, seasonal products,pet supplies and many more. We offer more than 100,000 best-selling SKU’s . Each month, we keep on adding new products to our offering. Order whenever and whatever you need, and we endeavor to ship most items within one business day. Enjoy the extensive range of products provided by Great Value Distributors.

Delivering Great Value

Inspired by a meaningful purpose and mission, we focus on delivering unique and relevant value to our customers. Guided by a sense of purpose, we invest in talent that demonstrates appreciation and value. Our strategic efforts gain an intimate understanding of the key customer groups that drive their key behaviors, preferences, needs, and wants. We measure the success of our key customer initiatives required to deliver continuous improvement. Besides, increased adoption of customer-centricity helps us in delivering great value.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver the best in class reliability, quality, and value in the eCommerce world; and, to exceed our customers’ expectations.


We keep customers’ values at the forefront of our planning efforts and focus on the right things.


We deliver outstanding quality to our customers which can be witnessed throughout our prevalent brand portfolio.


We fulfill our promises with utmost honesty. As an organization, we hold ourselves accountable for everything we do.

Excellent Customer Service

We work continuously to improve customer interaction while browsing our website and delivering the goods.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding value, reliability, and the highest standard of service to every customer.

  • To provide high-quality goods and services that meet customers' expectations.
  • To involve and engage customers and stakeholders in creating the most favorable strategies and solutions.
  • To offer unique shopping experience to customers delivering quality, variety, price, and service.
  • To recycle wastes and clean the environment for the overall good of society.


The promoters in our business are integral to the success of Great Value Distributors. They demonstrate and are passionate about our values, developing others, and ensuring our customers experience the very best.

Our promoters benefit from many years of experience in varied businesses, a miscellany of knowledge, and distinctive cultural perspectives. They shape our strategies and policies, positioning us to create opportunities for growth.


It takes dedicated, capable, and experienced leaders to ensure Great Value Distributors delivers great values to its customers. We have the right management team in place to continue the positive growth of our company.

Our management team ensures that we focus on maximizing the impact on society, meeting the needs and wants of our customers. They guide our company, helping us live our purpose, and achieve our vision to deliver the best in class reliability, quality, and value.

With a strong blend of expertise and skills drawn from across the globe, our management team is responsible for managing all elements of business strategy and its implementation.